Financial Highlights

RTOERO has an open, honest and transparent decision-making process. Our budget is responsive to the needs of members and aligns to our strategic goals.

Annual district grants

District Grants % Increase
2020 $1.36M 6%
2019 $1.28 M 8%
2018 $1.19 M 3%
2017 $1.16 M 3%
2016 $1.13 M 2%
2015 $1.1 M 2%

Health plan participation

99, 604

“I did my research, and RTOERO had great reviews. People were very happy with the benefits. ”

Janet Davies, Point Prim, P.E.I., District 50 Atlantic

Value of health plan improvements – $1,733

Over the past 10 years

0 % / Year

average premium increase

0 % Plan

as a portion of the premium

$ 0 / Year

average plan enhancements, based on individual coverage

Giving Back to the Community

Giving back to the community: The Community Grants and Scholarships program (known as Project Service to Others until November 2020) highlights the many ways that RTOERO members care about their communities and continue to serve them. Community grants are distributed by districts to help fund educational, cultural and other community initiatives. Post-secondary scholarships are awarded to students in programs that will benefit seniors in Canada.

Community grants

0 Projects
0 Projects

$ donated to communities


$ 0
$ 0 M



0 applicants
$ 0
0 scholarships
$ 0
Burgundy petal


donated to Toronto General Hospital COVID-19 research

“Someone who retired a year ahead of me said he found the RTOERO insurance features to be superior to anything else available to us. ”

Douglas Baer, Victoria, B.C., District 47 Vancouver Island

RTOERO Foundation

The Foundation’s work is inspired by RTOERO’s long history of giving back. We engage RTOERO members and our community of generous donors and work with researchers and community partners to create a more age-friendly future for all of us.

0 %

increase in revenue from monthly donors

0 %

increase in annual revenue

0 %

decrease in annual revenue from RTOERO districts