Our national community

We believe in the power of our community to secure a better future.

RTOERO has members across Canada. They are served by 51 districts.

Map of Canada
NT 5
YT 7
BC 1,773
AB 335
SK 56
MB 145
ON 78,241
QC 700
NL 52
PE 78
Outside Canada 115
NS 332
NU 13
NB 147
Map of Canada
Northwest Territories 5
Yukon 7
British Columbia 1,773
Alberta 335
Saskatchewan 56
Manitoba 145
Ontario 78,241
Quebec 700
Newfoundland and Labrador 52
Prince Edward Island 78
Outside Canada 115
Nova Scotia 332
Nunavut 13
New Brunswick 147

Our community shared appreciation through the 2021 member survey

“RTOERO is doing a great job considering the difficult times we find ourselves in. Kudos to all individuals who are actively playing a role endeavouring to improve conditions for all.”

“I feel that I am blessed to have been a member. I couldn’t have made it through an enjoyable retirement without you.”

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“RTOERO has added a lot of value and peace to my life. I couldn’t have been more peaceful and happier.”

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“I lived and taught overseas for 30 years, which put me out of touch with my teaching community in Canada. I truly appreciate being able to rejoin RTOERO and its health plan.”

“My husband was a member of RTOERO and upon his death 18 years ago, I became a member. I really appreciate RTOERO and how well I have been looked after.”

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“RTOERO continues to grow and develop excellent programs and services for retirees from the education community. I am so pleased to be a national organization..”

We deliver world-class programs, promote social engagement and support political advocacy.