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We are lifelong learners and game-changing advocates. We sustain strong relationships and networks of influence across Canada. We fund research and drive advocacy to advance the interests of seniors and increase their contribution to society at every age.

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Care giver with long term care resident

RTOERO advocates for changes to long-term residential care

April 2020 - RTOERO wrote to all federal, provincial and territorial ministers of health, premiers and the prime minister to urge immediate and long-term action to improve long-term residential care. We also asked all levels of government to work together once the pandemic was contained to provide quality, publicly-resourced long-term residential care for older adults in Canada.

Virtual Queen’s Park Advocacy Day

October 2020 - RTOERO recognized the International Day of Older Persons on Oct. 1 with our 4th annual Vibrant Voices Queen’s Park Advocacy Day in Ontario. This was our first virtual advocacy event. Members of the board of directors, Political Advocacy Committee and senior staff connected online with more than 25 government officials to discuss our three advocacy issues.

RTOERO urges Canadians to speak with one voice on issues of dignity, survival

We know there’s strength in numbers. That’s why RTOERO continues to advocate alongside members about critical issues: seniors strategy, environmental stewardship and geriatric health care. Our digital campaign for the federal election reached 3 million people. In 2021, we met with 33 elected officials. We continue to urge all levels of government to work together to address issues of dignity and survival.

RTOERO Foundation Kicks Off Social Isolation Awareness Month With New Online Program

Webinar attendance grows

The culture of learning continues to grow at RTOERO. The pandemic pushed us to introduce more virtual learning opportunities. We hosted 16 webinars in 2021 and welcomed more than 5,865 attendees. Expert speakers made us think critically about a range of topics from ageism to sustaining our finances to self-care as we age.

How Youth And Adults Can Work Together For Environmental Action

Doing our work to improve how we stand in solidarity with equity-seeking groups

Every all-staff meeting at RTOERO starts with a diversity, equity and inclusion discussion. This standing meeting item grew from our work to understand our individual and organizational responsibilities to address inequities in our society. Our board members participated in in-depth diversity, equity and inclusion training in 2021, and we continue to build our library of resources with a focus on ageism, intersectionality, and allyship.

New RTOERO white papers shed light on healthy aging

Canadians are living longer, and as they do they also need to live better. RTOERO released four white papers in December 2021 to bring focus to different dimensions of healthy aging: the health coverage gap, re-thinking retirement planning, wellness across the lifespan and ageism. The white papers will be included in media kits to support journalists in their efforts to unpack and report on healthy aging topics.

Future focus

Where we’ll be in 2025:

70% of stakeholders view RTOERO as a national authority on retirement and seniors issues.

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Our key advocacy issues

Geriatric health care

Canada’s population is aging. In 2012, almost one in seven Canadians was a senior. Now the number is more than one in six. By 2030, that will jump to nearly one in four. Our health care system (and social systems) needs to re-think how to address the rising needs of this huge demographic.

Seniors strategy

Older Canadians are the fastest-growing segment of our population, but gaps in healthcare and social policies are creating barriers to seniors’ independence and inclusion. A coordinated National Seniors Strategy, with dedicated funding and accountable goals, will ensure we meet the evolving needs of seniors.

Environmental stewardship

Responsible use of resources, conservation, protecting our air, land and water — improving in all areas is critical to a sustainable future. In the face of irrefutable evidence, some powerful people and industry leaders dismiss and confound the situation. Yet there is reason to celebrate. We can make a difference and motivate others to make a difference.