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Improve The Lives Of Members And Seniors

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Whatever your retirement journey looks like, we’re here to help

Our core mandate is to serve our members. We provide essential health, wellness and travel benefits so our members can explore their journeys with confidence. We connect our members as volunteers, leaders, and advocates. And our members share their wisdom, stories and ideas with each other through our publications—fostering our community of learning and support.

Improving our services

Travel Insurance Qa

New trip cancellation and interruption insurance available to members

In 2023, we launched new travel insurance options to expand the benefits available to members. Members who are part of the Entente group insurance program now have access to supplemental trip cancellation and interruption travel insurance for extra coverage if needed. Members who are not part of Entente can purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance to cover unlimited trips throughout the policy year.

Increased focus on Francophone services

RTOERO is proud of its history as a bilingual organization and is committed to continuing to provide French-language services and supports. Over the last year, we’ve hired more French-speaking staff—approximately 30% of our team is bilingual. We also established French Language Service Standard that outline our service commitment. Under the new standards, any district with 15% or more French-language members will be designated as bilingual. Districts can also request designation prior to reaching this threshold. We’ve also expanded our outreach and support of the Francophone community by sponsoring French education conferences and hosting various events in French, including retirement workshops, a live open house session with prospective members, and a webinar.

Scholarships support well-being of seniors, communities

Twenty post-secondary students are preparing to make a positive impact on their communities with the support of the RTOERO scholarship program. The 2023 recipients are studying in programs that focus on, among others, health science, social work, nursing, nutrition, occupational therapy, neuroscience, education and public health. RTOERO members are encouraged to recommend students in their lives (from their family or community) for the annual scholarships.

Saving The Forest

ISO certification recognizes commitment to environmental sustainability

RTOERO demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship in 2023 by completing phase 1 of ISO 14001 certification. This international standard helps organizations improve their environmental standards and processes. To be certified, organizations must set annual environmental targets, monitor progress and keep focused on continuous improvement. Here are some ways we made progress in 2023 on our environmental goals:

  • RTOERO members and staff learned more about environmental issues through webinars and articles in Renaissance, Liaison and district newsletters.
  • Almost 11,000 members have opted to receive only the digital version of Renaissance magazine, reducing paper and postage.
  • The RTOERO office was made more sustainable through upgrades to HVAC and electrical system and the elimination of all stand-alone office printers.
  • Districts shared environmental stewardship ideas and success stories at Fall Forum in a District Dialogue session.

RTOERO's award-winning resources

Renaissance magazine celebrates one year online

We’ve been publishing our popular lifestyle magazine Renaissance for three decades. In late 2021, we launched eRenaissance, a fully digital version of our award-winning lifestyle magazine, making 2022 the first year online. The digital version provides more insight into what our members enjoy. The most popular issue was Fall 2022 - How to do (almost) anything. Overall, the most visited section is travel. We have 10,755 members who choose the digital-only subscription option, demonstrating our shared commitment to environmental stewardship

Liaison eNewsletter

RTOERO’s bi-monthly eNewsletter is designed to help members stay connected and informed in English and French. In addition to sharing information about healthy aging and retirement journey, Liaison provides up-to-date news, announcements and reminders to keep members in the know. Liaison has received 10 prestigious awards for this publication since 2017.

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Future focus

Where we’ll be in 2025:

80% of members find RTOERO membership to be essential to their healthy, active retirement journey.